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A Taste of the Regions - 6x5cl

A Taste of the Regions - 6x5cl

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Scotland has five official whisky regions – with Island being a hotly debated sixth!

Please note – depending on stock levels, whiskies may vary from those shown.

Campbeltown – Once the whisky capital of the world, these whiskies tend to be gentle & smoky.

Islay – The smallest region. The whiskies are complex and peaty.

Highland – The Largest whisky producing area. The whiskies are full bodied, sweet and rich.

Lowland – Undergoing a revivial in new distilleries. The whiskies are to be both soft and delicate.

Island – From islands around the scottish coast. The whiskies are diverse, often rich and smoky.

Speyside – Has the highest density of distilleries. The whiskies are known for being light and sweet.

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